Saturday, February 27, 2010

CPUSA - Now Where Have I Seen That Before?

It took some time for the penny to finally drop in the profound vacuum that is the Leftist mentality but finally it has happened. The ever-vigilant Allahpundit informs us that the long-awaited, much anticipated, cunningly crafted counter-offensive has just been launched against the hated Tea Party. I can hear the solemn sullen thud of their blog posts even as I write. The Coffee Party USA is engaging the hated foe. The Kool Aid is put on ice - plenty of that about these days - and the Noble Bean of Enlightened Progressivism has been pressed into service to take the fight to the Wretched Leaf of Redneck Reaction!!!

Go to their website. Smell that Joe. Mmmmm! It's brown, it's strong, it has a powerful odor. OMG its...never mind. Let's just say that if pigs could fly this is where they'd all want to land.

The whole thing is not only a depressingly unoriginal rip-off - an instinctive response with these guys who have been re-threading Marx's rubber all their lives - but it's as phony as Jeremiah Wright's Christianity. These are the soi-disant shock troops of the Obama Revolution - just like ACORN, except, you know, "articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking" - but they're pimping themselves as a bunch of ordinary, decent, middle-of-the-roaders disillusioned with the vicious partisanship that is hobbling the legislative process. "We are not Democrats," they chant. Laugh! I almost watched the curling.

Still not convinced? Look again at their name - The Coffee Party USA. The CPUSA. Now that's somewhat familiar. Let me think. Where have I....Of course! CPUSA. How could I be so dumb. The beloved acronym of that mighty pillar of the American democratic tradition, The Communist Party of the USA . Go to the Communist PartyUSA website to drink of the elixir of freedom they purvey. Here's an invigorating mouthful, suitably redacted to combat Sudden Somnolence Onset Syndrome :

The CPUSA views the election of the [sic] Barack Obama, a bourgeois blah...blah...blah...defeat of the right-wing ....blah ....blah.... blah...blah ...blah...changes will not come blah...blah...blah blah...blah. Our focus therefore is on building up a broad people's coalition of progressive forces to defeat the blah...blah...blah... of the capitalist blah...blah...blah advanced reforms blah...blah imperialist blah... blah...blah. This is not simply a goal for the future. This movement is coming into existence before our eyes. It is a moment of opportunity for deep change if the masses of people seize it.

Gee, it's real hard to distinguish between the CPUSA (Reds) and this other "movement that is coming into existence", CPUSA (Dead Heads). In fact the similarities are quite inexplicable. One is a radical revolutionary organization of Hard Left Marxist-Leninists dedicated to the transformation of America into a Socialist state while this other, newly sprung from nowhere group is an authentic spontaneous non-partisan grass-roots organization of moderate, concerned citizens dedicated to transforming America into a Socialist state.

Obviously the fact that these two parties share an acronym is nothing but a coincidence. Sure, they're both gnashing their teeth at Obama's ineffectiveness. Sure, they're both eager to see radical legislation pushed through Congress. Sure, they're both seeking to create a "moment of opportunity for deep change". Sure, they're both engaged in recruiting "the masses" to accomplish this. All just a coincidence.

As a final observation, I would like to put the CPUSA (Dead Heads) on an equal footing with the Tea Party from the get go. The members of the latter movement are conveniently identified by the charming soubriquet "tea baggers". I suggest that that this new group of "grass roots" can with equal convenience be designated "coffee grinders".

And the Party anthem? How about "They've Got An Awful Lot Of Guano In Brazil"?

As I say, it's real hard to spot the difference. Take a quick guess - and no peeking.


liamascorcaigh said...

Top one's the coffee. The bottom's a pic of Health Care Reform distilled to its essence.

49erDweet said...

I like "coffee pods" better as their nickname, but it's your choice.

"Pods" has a sort of deprecatory sci-fi feel to it. imo.

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