criticized parents who deliberately opt out of diversification" by refusing to send their children to schools with large cohorts of (mostly) illegal immigrants who are neither Catholic nor English-speaking. By avoiding participation in such schools they are, he lectures, "putting their [children's] education above the 'common good'”! Among the many horrors that will result from parents discharging their God-given duty to ensure those in their care get a decent education the doughty Diarmuid declares that Catholic schools will commit the gravest of the many post-modern mortal sins and become "elitist"and "not open to diversity".

Thus the Primate of Ireland hectors his flock to sacrifice their children's future on the oh so secular altar of politically correct multiculturalism, a thoroughly discredited tin-god whose devotees have caused havoc everywhere they've practised their voodoo social engineering. Was it for this that Saint Patrick labored so mightily! The right-thinking reverend hasn't quite got around to advocating the adoption of Sharia Law but he's well on the way.

Meanwhile, in what Catholic progressives would insist is a completely different development, Holy Mass has been canceled in the County Donegal parish of Kilcar this Sunday because they have