Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Senator, The Pastor And "The Juice"

In the matter of People of the State of California against Orenthal James Simpson....We, the jury...find the Defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder ...upon Nicole Brown Simpson, a human being....We, the jury...find the Defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder...upon Ronald Lyle Goldman, a human being....

Thus on October 12, 1995 did a nervous Deirdre Robertson, Clerk of the Court, publish to a bated world the verdict of the jury - also human beings who proved to be all too human - which "set the Juice loose", as the argot of those heady days went. At that moment the great mass of humankind that is the American people split in twain, like the Red Sea at Moses' command, creating an empty arid gulf in between far, far different from the miraculous escape route to the Promised Land which the ancient Hebrews so gratefully crossed.

The African American community performed what black novelist Dennis Williams aptly called "an end-zone dance" of jubilation. The white population just stood there, properly gobsmacked, like a cartoon character who, running straight off a cliff, stops frozen momentarily in mid-air as he struggles to grasp that the once so solid ground has vanished from beneath him. The subsequent fall was from a dizzying height and the impact shattering.

They were appalled at the terrible injustice done to the victims of a brutal butchering, for such it was, and at the witlessness of a jury, each of whom, whenever they opened their mouth, which they did early and often, gave vivid proof that they were suffering from Fulminant Cerebral Pneumonia, a highly contagious condition hitherto unknown to medical science.

It was caused, tests later showed, by exposure to Sequestria Itosiosis Nonomensis and made lethal by opportunistic infections such as Cochranus Racecarditis Blatantioris and the deadly Fuhrmania Furiosa Verbia (colloquially known as Niggra-Niggra) with accompanying hemorrhagic fever.

The prosecutors, Marcia Clarke and Chris Darden, played bumbling, bewildered straight men to the slick comedians on the Defense team while the judge, Lance Ito, perched in cathedra, made like he was auditioning for the title role in a surreal remake of The Wizard of Oz, written and directed by Berthold Brecht, with additional dialogue by Tom Stoppard.

All rational Americans had to deal with the unconscionable wrongness of the verdict but whites in particular were further presented with the explosion of exultation by their African American fellow-citizens more appropriate to a Super Bowl win or an unexpected electoral landslide than the setting free of a brutal double murderer. The black O.J. partisans seemed eager to do a Riverdance jig of joy on the graves of the white victims. Short of an actual lynching this was racial triumphalism at its most crass.

And it is no exaggeration to say that the jury's 'Not Guilty' was instinctively celebrated as a racial triumph despite the universally perceived "whiteness" of Simpson himself. Other blacks saw his life-style choices as a rejection of his own kind, a sin of which he could only properly cleanse himself by the slaughter of two innocent people who deserved their fate solely through their membership of the oppressor race. 'Cynique', a member of Thumpers Corner, a black internet Forum, in a 2006 post states baldly

...the root of OJ's black support was that in spite of his white-woman-loving reputation, he had in a way, redeemed himself with the black community because he had avenged all of the innocent black men who over the centuries had been lynched for crimes against white women that they had not committed; not to mention the Rodney Kings of the world who had been brutalized by the LAPD. tsk-tsk The blind-folded lady of justice may just have got it right.

'Crystal' in response reminisces fondly:

I still get a laugh remembering the faces of the white folks I worked with at the time of the verdict. Mad as hell! Walking around looking like it was their own kids that had been killed. It was hilarious! I had to close my office door so they wouldn't hear me laughing and lynch me or something.

The fact that these are educated members of the middle class with white-collar jobs and not feral, bling-encrusted, drive-by gangsters from the 'hood sends a chill up the spine of all white Americans not already rendered zombies from decades of radical
Liberal brain surgery designed to turn them into Politically Correct dittoheads eager for their own racial subjugation. In other words, Typical White Persons of the Future.

Which brings us to Jeremiah Wright. The road between the Running Back and the Pastor is long and arduous and full of twists and turn, ups and downs, rest stops and diversions, but it is the same road. The same dynamic is in play. The same gulf of moral expectations yawns between the two same groups of citizens. The whites feel the same bewildered outrage, the blacks the same racial righteousness that justifies every thought, word and action, however reprehensible, if conceived, spoken or carried out by a member of the African Diaspora. Reverend Wright's triumphant Return to Chicago as if he were a conqueror of worlds is eerily similar and as dismayingly, disdainfully in-your-face as those tumultuous celebrations of yesteryear.

There are other parallels.

Obama like O.J. is extremely elegant, exceptionally personable and preternaturally charming. Like O.J., pre-Bundy, he strives to be 'postracial', a black man whose blackness is incidental to his life, achievements and promise. He too was coolly regarded, disdained even, by his own - though lionized by everyone else - until he became the butt of white 'aggression'.

Both have been the very reluctant means by which the white population, racially quiescent and willfully determined to see no black evil per se, have been forced to confront the unappeasable otherness of Black America; a place where Johnnie Cochran and Jeremiah Wright and by extension Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Malik Zulu Shabazz and all their unlovely tribe are not perceived as huckstering opportunists blowing smoke to puff up their egos, advance their careers and line their pockets.

They are, on the contrary, respected, even revered leaders not of a few extremists but rather of the multitude of blacks in America at all social levels whose innate hatreds, collective vindictiveness and rampant sense of grievance they correctly articulate and deftly mobilize. Those whom the whites simply tolerate as the price of continuing freedom blacks empower in the cause of ultimate retribution.

Thus white America is beginning to dimly grasp that Jeremiah Wright & Co. are not just a few bad apples but the tip of what is a dark, deadly and very determined iceberg. That Barack Obama is riding this iceberg to the Democratic nomination is now obvious.

What is not so obvious - though now becoming increasing discernible like a great vessel looming out of the fog - is that, after four decades of exercising political power vastly disproportionate to their actual numbers, African Americans have created an African America, a hostile, rival entity that has grown unseen within the regular America to which it is radically and consciously opposed in every conceivable fundamental way and whose very nature it seeks to subvert.

Senator Barack Obama now stands at the head of this African America to which - witness his refusal to "disown" Wright - he owes his primary allegiance and from which he derives his essential world view.

"I had begun to see," he declares in Dreams Of My Father, "a new map of the world....We were always playing on the white man's the white man's rules."

His enemy - as we saw with the O.J. jubilators - is the undifferentiated white race who are made morally indistinguishable by the color of their skin, the cross-burning, nigger-lynching white maniac from Georgia and the loving, politically incorrect white grandmother from Kansas meld together seamlessly to impose a racial oppression, as cunning and subtle as it is comprehensive, upon each and every black.

"Whatever [the white man] decided to do," Obama teaches, "it was his decision to make, not yours, and because of that fundamental power he held over you, because it preceded and would outlast his individual motives and inclinations, any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning."

This is as complete and as dispassionate an expression of radical black disaffection and resentment as you're ever likely to come across. It also clearly lays the theoretical groundwork for the hostility and hatred to white America that first came to light with the Simpson verdict. When Louis Farrakhan described the white race as the "skunk of the earth" this is what he meant. When Jeremiah Wright spoke of "the U.S. of KKK A." this is what he meant. They both just lacked the necessary analytic skills of their Ivy League fellow-traveler.

Fellow-traveler no more. In all but name Barack Obama is the President of African America.

The decisions we all take between now and November will determine whether he rules it - and the other America - from the Oval Office.


christmasghost said...

i always found that skunk comparison to be very amusing and enlightening. after all...if you pick it apart not only are skunks actually charming little creatures without malice [if only wright or obama could say that] but they are balck and white...and who does that describe better, really?
me...the fish belly white American, or obama and wright who are actually black and white?
and isn't that what is really bugging them?
they have personal [self loathing] issues...and i don't think the American people are going to help them with that....
hey, what did you think about the crazy kinda "catholic" priest that is a wanna be homey? rev. michael pfleger
i found him appalling.....and i think he should be unemployed soon.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with you, that life has been a continuous process of realizing how pathological and unreasonable Africa America actually is. Dedicated to chronicling the reasons for feeling this way, and facing the ugly truth: