Sunday, March 30, 2008

Even Obama Has To Salute This!

The Cactus Cuties hoist The Star Spangled Banner in all its Old Glory. Be still my beating heart!

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christmasghost said...

that was lovely!
however...though i know it must be tongue in cheek for you to say....obama would never find that appealing.LOL.
pro American? it's so 'not chi chi' in his creepy world.
fortunately....Americans are wide awake right now and no matter how many times obama tells everyone that EVEN THOUGH he is married to a racist America hater, his "pastor /mentor" is a racist ,bigoted America hater, and all his friends are bombers, muslims and ,OF COURSE,America and whitey matter how many times he tells everyone here that it's just a "distraction" won't work.
we Americans love distractions like these...or as we like to think of them....absolute truths.
he's toast.......