Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rev Wright Was Right About Black Genocide!

We were, it now appears, a little too rash in dismissing as the ravings of a lunatic the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's claims of genocide targeted against the African-American community. However the pastor erred in believing that the Federal Government is directing this attack. It is merely supporting it with great chunks of tax dollars. The favored means of accomplishing the destruction of the black population is not drugs or even AIDS from which disease some 300,000 African-Americans have died. A mere drop in the bucket. Abortion, on the other hand, working away silently in the background with a deadly efficiency, has destroyed over 11,000,000 black Americans since 1973. In fact abortion kills more blacks in three days - say last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - than the Ku Klux Klan did in its entire execrable history.

Planned Parenthood is a very big cog in this killing machine with 600 plus affiliates throughout the United States. Founded by Queen Bee eugenicist and anything-but-closet racist, Margaret Sanger, an enduring Left Wing icon, PP mans phones around the nation 24/7 so that the Right-To-Choose mills can grind quickly but also exceeding small.

This is where The Advocate, a Pro-Life group based in the UCLA campus, comes in. Lila Rose, Advocate editor in chief and her associate, James Kelly, phoned various PP offices around the country with Kelly posing as "David", a disgustingly blatant racist donor who wished to target his contributions on African-American fetuses, kind of like so many smart bombs, because, he states frankly "the less black kids out there the better".

Autumn Kersey, PP's Director of Development in Idaho, doesn't give him an earful and slam down the phone - the instinctive reaction of any normal sentient being in the greater galaxy. Hell, even the Klan's Great Kool Kackling Klaxon or whatever he calls himself would've whispered "Hey, buddy, take it easy, I know where you're coming from but we don't talk like that anymore".

But no, not the PP. The lovely Autumn - such a poetically apt name for an abortion procurer, doncha think - does none of those things. Her pure snow-white progressivist ideology has long ago killed off any human decency she had. She - I still find it hard to get my head around it - she laughs. Yes. Laughs. A delicious throaty chuckle. The equivalent, one supposes, of the Masonic handshake. A "when a bigot of the Left meets a bigot of the Right coming through the rye" sort of thing. Then she murmurs soothingly, "Understandable, understandable".


Autumn then recasts "David's" wishes into classic anodyne aborto-speak: "[Y]ou would like this [donation] designated specifically to assist [an] African-American woman who's looking to terminate a pregnancy?" Sanding off those rough rabid edges. Sounds so much better than "You're paying us to keep those dirty n****rs from over-breeding."

"David" is worried about his college going son who's "really faced troubles with affirmative action". He lays it on the line so there's no misunderstanding: "I wanna protect my son, so he can get into college." Autumn is sympathetic but she's more than sympathetic, she's positively over the moon. "I'm excited," she burbles "and I wanna make sure I don't leave anything out."

Blacks make up 12% of the US population but account for 35% of all abortions. But don't despair. With Autumn and her cohorts on the job we'll bump that measly proportion up so far that all the affirmative action in the universe will be as seeds falling upon barren ground.

Rose and Kelly elicited similar responses from Planned Parenthood's stormtroopers all over a country that likes to think of itself as "the last best hope of the earth". It's beyond belief, yet believe it we must. It's beyond sickening and sickened we are, at least those of us not so filled with liberal "compassion" for the poor and disadvantaged and lefty "concern" for "excluded minorities" that we can't see the real human beings living in the deep dark shadows cast by a heartless "enlightened" Marxist sociology.

The great and the good of Planned Parenthood are, of course, screaming foul. It's a "scam" they cry. It's no scam. It was a trap and they fell into it. They were given an opportunity to stand naked before the world in all their moral decrepitude and they took the bait. A fish is no less a fish because he's hooked. Indeed he's hooked because he is a fish ever seeking lesser life to prey upon. So it is with with PP and all the other organs of legalized infanticide. They prey upon these "the least of our brethern" in the name of compassion and progress, a truly obscene distortion of language and of the worthy ideals which the language expresses.

Planned Parenthood's only means of exonerating themselves from the charges of racism is to declare that they are in fact color-blind dealers in death who facilitate the brutal ending of human life with indiscriminate abandon. It is only in a truly sick world that such an argument can be made with any hope of eliciting approval.

So Pastor Wright was right after all. Maybe Senator Obama will join with the man "who brought [him] to Christ" and fight for those who of the innocent are the most helpless and of the helpless are the most innocent.

Of course Senator Obama never saw a pro-abortion bill he didn't support to the hilt nor a proposal to control abortion that he didn't strive might and main to kill off.

But wait. He just yesterday repudiated the Reverend!

Phew, that was close.


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